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How to prepare for GATE 2018

Dear Students,

As GATE is considered to be a tough exam to crack, but at the same time it is aim of almost every engineering student. So to help you in your preparation, here are some tips for you:

First step towards any exam preparation: have sound understanding of your exam syllabus, to the extent that it is on your fingertips. Keep referring it as you carry on your studies as that will help you to complete the syllabus and also not getting out of syllabus because it will waste your time. So, you must study the topics of your syllabus intelligently and efficiently. Refer to the standard textbooks, and have grasp of underlying concepts.

The second step is to practice. Solve previous year's papers, mock question papers, and various tests available. This will not only help practicing what you have studied, but also give you an understanding of the question paper format, aid in time management and not work you up on the test day. You will know what to expect as far as the format is concerned. It will also reveal your weak and strong areas, and thus you can then concentrate on those.

Solving previous year question papers is one of the important step that one can't afford to skip while preparing for GATE Exam. GATE questions are subtle concept based in nature: a closer look will reveal that often those concepts have been asked repeatedly (though questions have never been). Further it will instill confidence in you and help you to understand you level in examination.

You should set up a real test ambiance while solving papers, with no breaks, no disturbance and timer set. It is an effective arrangement to duplicate the real test environment, to prepare you better.

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